Week one week fun!!!

Hello Lovelies!! I wanted to quick post about how week one went!

Week one day one half. . .?

So the week began last Sunday, the fourth of June. The students were from Maryville, Tennessee and they arrived at 3:45ish in the afternoon. We greeted them with cheers and excitement and enthusiasm and welcomed them to South Carolina!!! Shortly after they arrived I began the first meal (which was VERY stressful). Regardless of my stress though, the meal went well and the first night concluded with an AWESOME worship session!!

Day one fun!

The first full day began with a 6AM wake up and pancakes. The cooking was still new, and therefore stressful. I had some great help though and my team has been INCREDIBLE when it comes to helping in the kitchen (shout out to Grant, Rose, Char, and Celia). So the day began with the stress and anxiety of a new job but I did my absolute best to leave it in the kitchen. Because the forecast called for rain, the first two days of the work sites were spent at LICS (Lexington Interfaith Community Services). We served in tons of areas, from picking up food donations to organizing clothing. The workday for me ended a bit early, and I helped our team leader, Charity, pick up some food for the week and we came back for me to get in the kitchen. The second dinner went really really well and I felt SO much more capable of doing this job well. I also realized that I had been focusing on what I was able to do, not what God is doing through me. After the second meal I started forgetting about me and focusing a bit more of God!!

Day two wooh!

Day two was spent similarly to day one. Breakfast went well and I was much more confident!! The work site was still at LICS but this time I was able to spend more time with the students, which was AWESOME! Day two was fairly laid back and not tons happened. Dinner went well and worship was great. Day three got a little messy though.

Day three glee!

On the morning of day three, my mother told me that I had a dentist appointment at 10 that morning, so I ended up not even going to the work site. I found out that I needed a tooth extracted, and long story short I found an oral surgeon and he yanked that puppy out that afternoon. The rest of the day went great though lol. I got to talk to the students a ton more because I had a bit more free time! They were seriously the coolest and sweetest and most fun kids ever. They all seemed to like the food too!!!!!!!

Day four floor!

On day four I got to actually do some manual labor!! It was awesome and finally felt like a real mission trip. I helped serve a woman named Ms. Davis who is in her seventies and is battling cancer. Her kitchen and living room floors had been damaged by flooding so we went in, tore up the damaged pieces, and put in a new floor!! That day I got to talk to some of the students I hadn’t had a chance to earlier in the week, and the more I learned about them the more I loved them. Every moment I spent with them made the entire summer worth the sleeplessness, exhaustion, and emotional stress.

Day five I survived!

Day five is technically the “free” day, however staff often works a bit. So that morning we all joined the men at Mt. Horeb (the church hosting us) for the Men’s Prayer Breakfast. Following the breakfast two of my teammates and I went back to Ms. Davis’ house to finish some stuff up. We didn’t get fully finished but we did make progress!! After that we went to the beach (at a lake-not the ocean) and hung out with the students! It was so so much fun getting to be silly with them and laugh with them and make fools out of ourselves dancing and singing together. A few of the students really captured my heart & I really did not want them to leave, but such is life.

Last day not yay 😦

Although I am immensely proud of the growth I’ve witnessed in the students’ lives this week, I was very very sad to see them go. One of the best (& worst) parts of week long missions is the ending. On one hand, you’re in awe of the spiritual growth you’ve seen, and the vulnerability & authenticity of the students; on the other, you wish you had more time to love on them and laugh with them. I miss my little Tennesseans and wish them the absolute best, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the chance to know them. If any of you are reading this please know that I love you all and I am praying for your walks with Christ every single day.

What now?

Well this week we do not have any groups, however Mt. Horeb has a HUGE VBS (like 2,000 kids huge). My team will be serving with the volunteers at VBS this week and will continue with the missions next week. Until then though, it has been great updating y’all.




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