Prep Week!

Hey y’all!! This is a quick update from the wonderful church we are staying at in Lexington, South Carolina!!!!! My Next Step team arrived yesterday, Sunday the 28th and today begins our prep week!

Last week

So last week all of the interns gathered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to learn a bit more about our individual positions, mine being the assistant team leader. Throughout the week each team spent time together and got to know each other as well as preparing for the summer. My team and I immediately connected and I’m so incredibly blessed to be serving with these people!! There are seven of us girls and three awesome men of God serving in all sorts of positions. Last week I specifically helped out with the meals and dealt with the budget for food while the others prepared the songs and messages and construction jobs. On Friday we all traveled to Madison and attended a commissioning service. Saturday we headed out and traveled all day, spending the night in Tennessee. Sunday we arrived and settled in!

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This week

Although it technically is the first week in South Carolina, this week is our prep week. The next few days will involve seeing our work sites, organizing the worship room and kitchen, unpacking, and hanging out! So many families have invited us over for meals so we will be spending some times with the people living in these communities, which is SO awesome. When we arrived we also met our host families and shared a meal with them. All of them are so sweet and so fun!! This week will be pretty laid back in comparison to the rest of our summer, so I should be able to keep everyone updated fairly easily. I do have a few prep tasks though, and that being said, I should head out.

Thanks for staying updated!!!



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