I think I might like this . ?


I obviously just created this blog, but I realized after posting the first entry that I sort of enjoy having a place to discuss my thoughts and upcoming plans and what not. Most of the time this stuff would just be collected in my small blue notebook that goes everywhere with me, but why not put it on the internet instead!! (It’s not like everything on the internet is instantly memorialized due to the profound vastness of this network anyway).

Maybe I should limit this specific blog to Next Step, but I have so much more to talk about, so I think I’ll just make different pages.


SO, you may now be wondering what THIS post is about, and I am sorry to tell you that I’m not really sure why I’m here again, especially because nothing significant happened in my life since the last one and my internship starts in 24 days.

I think that the “about” page is kinda brief, especially because I, as a normal human, am a multifaceted, individualistic being. I can’t be summed up in 8 bullet points! Okay, maybe I can be (because I’m pretty lame) but let’s just see where this post goes!!


I am currently a freshman (almost sophomore) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I was born in central Pennsylvania and when I was thirteen I moved to northwest Illinois. I’m in MKE now because I wanted to choose a “safety school” and to spite my mother, I chose a dangerous city outside of Illinois (because I didn’t wanna stay in the state). So Milwaukee it was!!

Milwaukee was one of those choices you immediately regret and then you hear that little voice in your head saying, “You did this to yourself so you have to stick it out a little bit longer idiot.” And it turns out that annoying voice was right!! It took a long time to find my place, but now that I have, I can’t leave!! Before I decided to stay I applied to Brown University because they have this incredible psycholinguistics program and I thought I was too good for UWM. I was wrong (what’s new). So I’ll keep you guys updated on the whole Brown thing (even though I’m staying in MKE I still wanna know if I was accepted).

So I found a home here, and I couldn’t have asked for more. I have INCREDIBLE friends (*cough* Erin & Leah *cough*) and I have a group of Christians to meet with and get to know and love.


First off, I’m not cool-just wanted to warn ya.

I really love slam poetry, especially from Button Poetry and GetLit. I also follow this super cool poet on YouTube named Rhiannon McGavin. I’ll link a cool poem here (because I can’t put videos on here without a premium subscription).

I also really love reading, but I haven’t had much time for it recently. I’ve clearly been to busy wasting* my life on every episode of Law & Order: SVU (*enjoying).

OOH! I almost forgot how much I enjoy trying (and failing) to teach myself how to play the ukulele and guitar! I used to play the viola and trumpet but since the ripe young age of 11, I have steadily lost the ability. Hopefully this summer I’ll have a crew member who won’t hate if I ask them to teach me their instrument!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What else might I enjoy doing you ask? INDOOR* ROCK CLIMBING (*bc there is no where around me to do it outdoors). I suck at it, but hey, it’s fun!!

To be quite honest, mopping vomit off bathroom floors would even be fun with my best pals (again, Erin and Leah but also Autumn too)!! I’m lucky enough not to have to do that often so we usually stick to watching iCarly on a slightly bumpy futon or sitting in my house asking each other what we should do! The point is, everything is fun with my amazing pals.


I realize how insanely not cool this post is for those who only want to know about my summer with Next Step, but every entry helps you all know me a little bit better, and I think that’ll make the summer entries even more valuable!! So thanks for coming back (or not) & I’ll talk to you later!



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