What am I doing here..?

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So I have been thinking about starting a blog for a fairly long time, but seeing as how I am a “busy” college student (I am usually very free, I just watch a lot of Chicago P.D.), I haven’t. UNTIL NOW.

Fair warning, I plan on writing in my vernacular, so I apologize ahead of time.

So! This is it. I am starting a blog. A little piece of me is cringing while typing this because I am turning into one of those Pinterest moms, but hey, there are worse things to be! This blog will (hopefully) be to introduce everyone to what I will be doing this summer for Next Step Ministries!!!


So Next Step Ministries is an incredible nonprofit organization that facilitates around 10 week-long mission trips every summer. Next Step has work sites in 16 cities within the US and a few international, so they reach a ton of people! Each site has a crew of 10-20ish interns, from emcees to worship leaders to construction dudes. All are college-aged students too!

This summer I will be interning as the assistant team leader in Lexington County, South Carolina. Throughout high school I went on four Next Step trips with my youth group (Montego Bay, Jamaica; Moore, Oklahoma; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Lexington Co., South Carolina). I am SO excited to be going back to SC to serve this summer!!!

The trips I have taken with Next Step have been the most incredible experiences and I cannot wait to be a part of that for others. As you may know (or not) I love talking about Jesus and the most exciting part of the internship is knowing that I will have a WHOLE SUMMER of talking about and praising Jesus!!!!

(here’s a cool link to Next Step’s website if y’all wanna check it out)


You might be wondering . . what the heck is a little freshman doing as the assistant team leader?!? Answer – cooking.

The assistant team leader is in charge of all food ordering and preparation for each week as well as leading a crew on each specific work site. So I am in charge of food and approximately 15 students each week! Cool stuff man, cool stuff.


Easy – because Next Step trips brought me to Christ and I want to give this incredible gift to other students (also, I love everyone at Next Step). Duh.

I THINK THAT’S ALL (folks) . . ?

Clearly I’m trying to be all cute and bloggy but I have no idea what I’m doing. The point is, the blog is for my summer with Next Step and why I am doing it and hopefully to help everyone see what an awesome org this ministry is!! So if you read this whole big thing, thanks for getting to the end (and if you just skipped to the end that’s totally cool too, I would have).


xx Em

P.S.  I still don’t get blogs.


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